Adam Strong Wiki: Could There Be a Serial Killer in Oshawa, Canada?

About Adam Strong

Adam Strong was arrested in December 2017 after the partial remains of pregnant Rori Hache, 18, were found in his basement apartment in Oshawa, Canada. Strong was not charged with her murder, but he was arrested for indecent interference with a dead body. Strong, who has been in jail since December 2017, has not spoken to police on the advice of his lawyer.

In July 2018, police announced they had also found DNA believed to belong to Kandis Fitzpatrick, a teen who was last seen in 2008, in Strong’s basement apartment.

Is there a connection between the disappearance of Hache and Kitzpatrick, and more disturbingly, is a serial killer on the loose in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada? This Adam Strong wiki looks at his life, the murder of Hache, and the disappearance and presumed death of Fitzpatrick.


Who Is Adam Strong?

Adam Strong, 45, has been described as creepy, a weirdo, controlling, a bully, abusive, and a nice guy.

Strong was known to have lived in the McMillan Drive, Rideau Street, and Nonquon Road areas of Oshawa.

A perpetual underachiever, Strong kept himself busy as a sometime movie set security guard and gas station attendant. He’s also worked at a doughnut shop in the past.

According to his close friends, Strong enjoys scuba diving, he has jumped out of a plane, and he loves to drive his boat, treasure hunting in the open water.

That said, posts from Adam Strong’s now deleted Facebook page suggested a troubled childhood and issues with his mother. He posted about living in a group home when he was young and often alluded to being lonely.

Adam Strong

Adam Strong; Photo: Facebook

Alternative Sexual Tendencies

That doesn’t mean Strong was alone as an adult. Sources say Strong openly discussed being into bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism, and he “had a thing for violent sex.”

But according to his friend, Rose Armitage, consent was important to Strong.

On a February 22, 2017 Facebook post, he wrote, “I can never understand a man who hits a woman in anger it’s ridiculous and women that take it.” [sic]

Despite his supposed concern for consent, he was also known to frequent, a site that features extremely graphic videos and images, many of which have nothing to do with consensual activity.

A person by the name of Adam Strong also wrote reviews of fetish fiction on the X-rated web site He gave two four-star reviews for the books Sex Addicts Anonymous and Tales from the Milk Tank Dairy Co.

“Debra Delacoeur’s third instalment [sic] in the Tales From the Milk Tank Dairy Co. series takes the hucow fetish to an even more perverse level than ever before.”

Armitage described Strong as “very nice” and she said the two of them spent a lot of time talking about work and exes. When it came to old flames, Adam Strong struggled.

Apparently, a woman Strong was deeply in love with had cheated on him, and he was having difficulty moving on.

“It hit him really hard. I know he was still struggling with it,” Armitage said.

In another Facebook post, he complained, “Why is it so hard to find a woman who is honest, loyal, trusting and willing to accept the sexual freak that I am?”

Adam Strong Accused of Preying on Vulnerable Woman

It has been alleged that Adam Strong preyed on at least one homeless, drug-addicted woman and was physically and emotionally abusive.

“His ex-girlfriend cheated on him and afterwards she moved in with me and my former roommate in Oshawa,” claimed one source, who didn’t want to be identified.

The relationship came to an end because Strong “was controlling and abusive, often choking her out and forcing himself on her tiny 100-or-so-pound frame.”

The man described the woman as a “timid wreck” who used to visit a local Tim Hortons coffee shop to get a break from Strong’s “filth” and his “watchful eye.”

Adam Strong may have had difficulty moving on from the 2016 breakup, but he certainly knew where to vent his anger. On Strong’s Facebook page, he candidly wrote about his hatred for his ex-girlfriend.

After they broke up, Strong wrote, “I think I’m going to up my standards from my last girlfriend my next girlfriend is going to be required to have nice teeth boobs and a job all things which my ex did not have and still doesn’t.

“If someone cheats on you and you take them back you are giving them permission to cheat on you again and I wonder how many times it will happen before you realize that they don’t really love you because how can someone that says that they love you be intimate with another:-(.”

Why was the woman attracted to Strong in the first place? According to a source, Strong provided her with a place to stay.

“She was homeless and drug addicted. Adam got her off drugs and she began dating him,” the source said.

According to social media chatter among Oshawa locals, Strong may have been in a serious relationship with a woman named Jackie De Pratto. Apparently, De Pratto struggled with some unnamed illness. In addition, it’s possible Strong may have had a son with De Pratto. But all of this is unconfirmed. It’s not known if De Pratto would be the same woman Strong broke up with in 2016 or an earlier girlfriend.

September 11, 2017: Fisherman Finds Torso in Lake Ontario

On the evening of September 11, 2017, a local fisherman found a torso near the Oshawa Harbour, which opens to Lake Ontario. The fisherman made the grisly discovery at around 8:30 p.m.

Police conducted an extensive search and the marine unit searched offshore.

An autopsy on the torso was unable to determine a cause of death, but investigators said the death was suspicious with the body showing signs of trauma.

DNA testing came back in early November, matching it to missing Oshawa woman Rori Hache, 18.

Hache’s family had filed a missing person’s report in early September after the teen was last seen on August 29, 2017.

Rori Hache

Rori Hache; Photo:

Partial Remains Found in Adam Strong’s Apartment

In late December, there was a new development. Someone called police after finding something suspicious in the basement apartment Strong rented on McMillan Drive in Oshawa.

The items he’d located were human remains.

An autopsy later confirmed they belonged to Hache. Police wouldn’t discuss what body parts were found out of respect for Hache’s family.

While investigating the basement, police also found a homemade explosive device. The bomb squad was called in and safely detonated the device outside the home.

Police said there was a lot of evidence collected from the basement apartment and plenty of investigative work to be done.

“It’s an enormous task,” said Const. George Tudos. “There’s a lot of evidence that needs to be processed and we’ll be there for at least a month.”

Police arrested and charged 45-year-old Adam Strong with indecent interference with a dead body.

How Hache managed to cross paths with Strong is not yet known and investigators are not saying much.

While Durham police have declared Hache’s death a homicide, they have yet to file murder charges.

Adam Strong Laughs During February 2018 Court Appearance

Adam Strong laughed out loud and cracked jokes during a video court appearance on February 21, 2018.

Since his December arrest, Strong had made weekly video appearances in court. Despite being approved for Legal Aid, he had consistently reported that he has not hired a lawyer.

But on February 21, Strong confirmed that he had finally retained a lawyer to provide basic guidance, including whether to seek bail.

Justice Brenda Green, clearly dubious of Strong’s claim, paused proceedings to confirm whether this was true. The prosecutor contacted the lawyer’s office and returned to court saying the firm had not yet agreed to represent Strong.

While the judge was deciding when to meet next, Strong said, “My schedule’s open.” Then he laughed. The rest of the packed courtroom sat in stony silence.

Green told Strong that his behavior wasn’t funny.

“It was here,” Strong replied, glancing around the room. “Everybody’s laughing.”

What’s Adam Strong’s Connection to Rori Hache?

Despite Rori Hache’s body parts being found in Strong’s apartment, police haven’t discovered a connection between the 18-year-old woman and the 45-year-old man.

Of course, they both lived in Oshawa, so there are a number of ways they may have crossed paths.

Hache went through some difficulties in her childhood and adolescence. She seems to have struggled with drugs, including crystal meth at one point. Given Strong’s ex-girlfriend with the substance abuse problem, perhaps there’s some kind of link there.

However, in the last year of her life, Rori Hache seems to have gotten back on track. On top of going back to school, holding down a job, and renting her own place, she had a new boyfriend. She was also pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

July 2018: DNA of Second Woman Found in Adam Strong’s Apartment

After arresting Adam Strong in December 2017, police spent January 2018 looking through his home and the backyard. The ground was frozen when officers were there in January, so they couldn’t dig up much.

In April, they returned after a new search warrant was issued. Police said the bulk of their search was going to be in the backyard area.

Among the evidence collected was the DNA of an unknown woman. Det. Darren Short, with the Durham Region Homicide Unit, said they looked at missing person’s cases in the area.

“We were aware of two other missing females in the Oshawa area,” Short explained.

“One of the females I was able to locate…the other remaining missing female was identified as Kandis Fitzpatrick.”

Kandis Fitzpatrick

Kandis Fitzpatrick; Photo: Durham Regional Police

Fitzpatrick was last seen by her family 10 years ago, in 2008. Police put her on record as a missing person two years later.

Like Rori Hache, she was 18 years old when she vanished.

Durham police said the DNA sample matched Fitzpatrick’s parents’ genetic material.

“We are, however, taking steps to 100% confirm that [the DNA is Fitzpatrick’s] and eliminate the possibility of anyone else being a donor to that DNA profile,” Short said, adding that Fitzpatrick’s parents are “understandably devastated.”

Durham police have not filed any new charges against Strong, but they do have a new warrant to search his McMillan Drive property and plan to excavate the backyard.

Short went on to say that there is no apparent connection between Hache and Fitzpatrick. Hache vanished on August 27, 2017 near Memorial Park in downtown Oshawa. Fitzpatrick disappeared after saying she was going to a local mall to meet friends in 2008.

Police are appealing to the public for assistance in tracking Fitzpatrick’s movements and any information on her possible association with Adam Strong.

Police confirmed that the DNA of a third woman was also found in Strong’s apartment, but that person was located alive.

Police Looking for Information on Adam Strong’s Movements from Mid-1990s

Police are also looking for information about Adam Strong’s movements from the mid-1990s until his arrest in December 2017. Strong was known to live in both central and north Oshawa.

Durham police also want to speak to anyone who might have helped Strong tow his 18-foot boat to any body of water in the Greater Toronto Area.

Adam Strong's boat

Adam Strong’s Boat; Photo: Durham Regional Police

Was a Serial Killer on the Loose in Oshawa?

Police are keeping tight-lipped on the possibility that a serial killer may have been preying on teens in downtown Oshawa.

Here’s an overview of the potentially connected cases so far:

  • September 2017 – Torso of Hache found near Oshawa Harbour
  • October 2017 – Savannah Powell, 15, disappeared
  • July 2018 –DNA of missing Fitzpatrick believed to be found in Adam Strong’s apartment

Michael Arntfield, a criminologist at the University of Western Ontario, has said that Strong has several characteristics traditionally associated with serial killers.

And he’s suggested the Strong investigation echoes that surrounding Bruce McArthur. McArthurs is a 66-year-old landscaper and former mall Santa who has been accused of murdering eight men who went missing from Toronto’s Gay Village.

See also: Timeline and List of Victims of Alleged Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur

“Ten years apart [the two women’s disappearances], that’s on the upper end of a serial killer’s cooling-off period,” Arntfield said.

Arntfield, a former police officer and cold-case specialist, said younger serial killers don’t usually wait as long between murders as some older serial killers. He pointed to Wichita’s BTK killer and Los Angeles’ Grim Sleeper as evidence. Both men took time off from murdering.

“BTK waited two decades. He told detectives the reason he didn’t murder all those years was that he was busy with work and family,” Arntfield said. “For other guys, it might be golf. And so they put their favorite hobby on hold.”

Strong “ticks a lot of boxes,” he said.

“Research has shown that gas station attendants are the third most frequent serial killers among unskilled labor,” Arntfield said. “Security is number one among administration jobs.” As mentioned, Strong worked as a gas station attendant and movie set security guard.

Arntfield noted that both jobs are “very voyeuristic,” with workers usually watching people late at night.

“I don’t want to be seen to be raising the alarm but this could be just like McArthur,” Arntfield said. “This could be a train that no one can stop. And there could be a lot more. This investigation will spread, mark my words.”

Adam Strong has been in custody since his arrest in December 2017. He’s located at the Central East Corrections Centre in Lindsay, Ontario.