55-Year-Old Man Fatally Stabbed in River North, Suspect at Large

A man was fatally stabbed during the early morning hours of Chicago’s busy bar district.

He made his way out of an alleyway, fell, and died in hospital. Police are now looking for clues as to what happened.

The Facts So Far

At approximately 2:30 a.m. on Friday (March 23), a 55-year-old man wandered out of a darkened alley. He had a stab wound to his neck.

The man made it to the corner of Hubbard and State. He stood for a moment, then collapsed to the ground. Police and emergency services were called and managed to get the victim to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Following the Trail

It’s unknown how much Chicago police have in terms of information on any suspect, but we do know that they closed a one-block stretch of Hubbard. Police were able to follow a trail of blood from where the victim fell, back to where what is suspected of being the initial crime scene.

There isn’t much information on the suspect either, but ABC 7 reported that some sources stated an individual ran from the scene of the crime to a nearby stop for the “L” train.

Police also have not stated what the murder weapon was, but ABC 7 suggests that it may have been a machete.