5 Things to Know about Lauren Lew & Her Son Josh Lew, Victims of the Brooklyn Accident

Two children were killed and their mothers were injured in a harrowing car crash in Brooklyn. Dorothy Bruns, the driver of the car, ran over Josh Lew and Abigail Blumenstein, killing them. Read all about the youngest victim, Josh Lew and his mother here.

#1. He Has a Brother

One-year-old Josh Lew was the elder son of Lauren Lew, 33, who has another son, six-month-old Samuel. There are no reports on the children’s father.

Lew lived in Park Slope with her children. According to another resident who narrowly missed Bruns’ speeding car, “I’m still in shock. The white car was going really fast. The pregnant mother was facedown and the baby flew into the street.” She added, “She dragged the stroller and…the other baby was pinned under the car. It was something you see in a horror movie.”

#2. Her Family Is in Hawaii

Lew’s family is from Hawaii. After hearing the news of the accident, her father, William Durston is on his way to New York to be with her.

“I spoke to Lauren earlier today. I’m concerned about her health and her mental well-being,” Durston said.

Broadway actress, Ruthie Ann Miles, whose daughter was also killed in the accident, grew up in Hawaii.

#3. He Was Dragged by the Car

Lauren Lew and Ruthie Ann Miles, with their respective children, were crossing a busy intersection at Ninth St. and Fifth Ave. in Park Slope when Dorothy Bruns hit them with her car.

Upon impact, Bruns’ car dragged a stroller with Josh Lew in it for about a block. The vehicle rammed into a row of parked cars and came to a stop.

#4. Lauren Tried to Revive Her Son

Andrew Macaluso, a medical student and resident of Park Slope, described Lew’s frenzied state when the accident happened. “The mom was sitting there next to him screaming,” he said, “She was just kind of, ‘Oh, God, this can’t be happening. Tell me this isn’t happening. What’s going on?’”

Lew was frantically trying to revive her son and Macaluso tried to help her. “I said, ‘Are you the mom,’ and she said, ‘Yeah.’ … The child had blood on his face. She wipes off his face and gives him air while I’m giving him chest compressions.”

The pair tried to revive Josh for about two and a half minutes until paramedics arrived. Lauren was rushed to the hospital while Josh was declared dead on the scene.

#5. Her Family Is by Her Side

Lew was hospitalized with Miles and an unidentified fifth victim for their injuries. Her father made the journey from Hawaii to New York to be with her during this harrowing time.

Lew’s grandmother spoke to the media saying her granddaughter wasn’t doing “too well.” She was reportedly close to tears as she described Josh as “a darling little boy.”