3-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Queens Apartment, Child Abuse Suspected

A three-year-old girl lost her life on Monday (April 2) after she was found unconscious in her Queens apartment. Authorities believe that she may have been a victim of child abuse.

On Monday night, a three-year-old girl was found unconscious by her mother and grandmother. Upon arriving at their apartment on Beach 105th Street in Rockaway Beach, they saw that the girl was not breathing.

According to reports, somebody in the family called 911. When officials went to the house, they found the girl’s stepfather performing CPR on her. The child was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Sources further claim that the child might have been abused. At the time of the incident, another kid was in the apartment.

Currently, law enforcement officials are investigating the child’s death. Both the mother and stepfather are being interrogated. Currently, no arrests have been made.