2 Young Children Found Alone in Detroit Motel after Shooting

A shooting in Detroit has had an unexpected turn upon the discovery of two children all by themselves in a motel room.

Were these children connected to the people involved in the shooting? Who do these children belong to? We will take a look at the latest information on this bizarre situation.

The Shooting

Early Tuesday (March 27) morning at the Cranbrook Motel on the Lodge Freeway service drive near Eight Mile Road, a man was walking through the parking lot when he heard a loud argument. The argument sounded heated and then, suddenly, the man realized that gunshots were going off. He ended up catching a bullet himself, but is expected to survive.

Police arrived at the scene and discovered something unexpected.

Abandoned Kids

As police began investigating the shooting, they noticed that one of the gunshots penetrated the window of a room. Following the bullet trail, they entered room 119. The bullet went through the window and into the room. They also discovered two children.

The two kids appear to be under the age of two, and were found with soiled diapers. One was in a crib, the other in a bed. They were unharmed by the bullet, but their parents were nowhere to be seen.

Currently, authorities are looking to locate the parents, and see if those people may have any connection to the gunfight in the parking lot. The children are currently in the care of Child Protective Services. If you have any information as to the identities of the children or their parents, you are urged to call Detroit Police Child Abuse Section at (313) 596-5329.