3 of 5 Teens Arrested after Stolen Car Chase in Georgia; 2 Still at Large

Georgia Highway Patrol had a jumpstart to their Wednesday morning, as a stolen car led them on a high-speed chase on I-285. Now, three teenagers were arrested, and two more are on the run.

The Chase Begins

Atlanta Police in the Buckhead area noticed a silver Toyota Corolla that also happened to be stolen. As Atlanta PD began the chase, the stolen car ended up on I-285. It was at that point when Georgia Highway Patrol got involved.

Eventually, the Highway Patrol was able to perform the PIT maneuver on the stolen car, bringing it to a stop near Sandy Springs, beside an overpass on the I-285.

The PIT Maneuver

The Precision Immobilization Technique, or PIT, maneuver is used to destabilize a vehicle that is driving at a high speed. Used by law enforcement worldwide, the pursuing vehicle pulls alongside the target vehicle, so that a portion of its front wheels is aligned with a portion of the target vehicle’s rear wheels.

Contact is gently made with the target vehicle’s side as the pursuing vehicle steers directly into it. At this point, the pursuer must also accelerate, or its bumper will slide off of the target vehicle, thus not making proper contact. When the target vehicle’s rear tires lose grip on the road and skids, the pursuer must turn in the same direction until it is clear of the target. The target vehicle will then turn in the opposite direction, and cause it to spin out.

Chase Continues on Foot

Even though the stolen car may have crashed, the chase wasn’t over. Upon stopping, the five occupants —two females and three males— of the Toyota Corolla burst forth and began to run towards a wooded area with a creek and fences that lay between the highway and a neighborhood.

One of the fugitives, a 15-year-old girl, was immediately caught as she fell during their initial jump from the overpass into the wooded area, injuring herself. Police eventually caught up with two of the other suspects, both of them teenagers.

In fact, WSBTV reporter Steve Gehlbach may have even spotted another one of the teenage males walking down the road in the area. According to Gehlbach, the teenager looked like he went through the woods, and  he even told the reporter that he was going to the bus. Gehlbach called 911 to report the teen.

Stolen Car and a Stolen Gun

While charges haven’t been made public, the teenage suspects may have a number of charges in their futures. Along with charges related to the stolen car, the car chase, and the continued foot chase, a fully loaded, stolen handgun was found in the stolen Corolla.

As of this writing, three of the five suspects have been caught. Two are still at large.