2 People Dead, 1 Injured in Long Beach Shooting

A triple shooting in Long Beach, California killed two men and left a third injured.

No suspect has been identified to the public, and Long Beach police are continuing their investigation. We have the latest on the investigation and search for a suspect.

Two Dead, One Injured

Details are still being put together, but what is known is that Long Beach police were called to the area of 53rd Street and Orange Avenue near midnight. When they arrived, they discovered a horrific scene.

Three men were shot. One died at the scene of the shooting. The second made it to the hospital before passing away. The third man was also transferred to hospital, suffering from what has been described as non-life-threatening injuries to the upper body.

Investigation Is Ongoing

As of this writing, not much else is known about the case. Police have not revealed anything in regards to the motive of the shooting, or whether they are looking for one or multiple suspects. That being said, police are still investigating the triple shooting.