2 Men Shot Dead Inside Warehouse in North Houston

A shooting in a Houston warehouse has left two people dead, and police are investigating what exactly happened.

Early Morning Shooting

On April 30 in northern Houston, at approximately 2:00 a.m., police began investigating a deadly shooting at 7700 North Freeway that left two people dead.

Police entered the warehouse, located behind a Food Town near North Freeway and W. Little York Road, and discovered two men inside. Authorities are currently questioning witnesses, but they have not released many details about the victims or what may have led to the shooting.

Reporters on the scene said that a man was led away from the warehouse in handcuffs, but it is currently unknown if he is a suspect or what charges he may face.

Ties to Gambling?

Houston police have been quiet about the crime, but they said that the warehouse itself may have ties to an organized gambling operation. They were unable to confirm details about the operation or if it had any connection to the shooting.