2 Arrested at a Portland Traffic Stop for Illegal Drug & Weapon Possession

A routine traffic stop in Portland, Oregon ended with a couple being arrested on multiple charges, including possession of drugs and guns. At the center of everything is Marcie Harris and Mark Goldsby, two criminals that are well-known to Portland police, who are allegedly up to their old tricks.

Routine Becomes Abnormal

On April 16, 2018 at 10:36 p.m, Portland police pulled over a gray Nissan Altima. The routine traffic stop was near Northeast 72nd Avenue and Northeast Killingsworth Street. But soon, an officer noticed something was amiss.

Police quickly learned that the car was one that was suspected in numerous incidents of mail theft in the area. This was followed by the discovery that the passenger was Mark T. Goldsby, a suspect in a gun investigation from March.

Suspect: Mark T. Goldsby

Photo: Mark T Goldsby; Source: Portland Police Department

Goldsby is no stranger to police. In 1994, when he was 18 years old, Goldsby was sent to prison for murder. At some point, he was paroled. In early March of this year, he was a suspect in a gun incident.

Details are currently scarce, but in the March incident, Goldsby was arrested by police after he ran from them. He was held for a few days and then released. Days after his release, neighbors in the area of the incident found a gun in a bush. According to police, surveillance cameras in the area show a man, who appears to be Goldsby, throwing an object into the area where the gun was found.

Suspect: Marcie A. Harris

Photo: Marcie A. Harris; Source: Portland Police Department

The second suspect, Marcie Ann Harris, is also known to Portland police. Over the years she has been arrested on multiple counts of theft, identity theft, mail theft, felony possession of oxycodone, and felony possession of methamphetamine.

Harris’ most recent run-in with the law occurred in July 2017. She was the passenger in a car that was headed into oncoming traffic. When the driver and Harris noticed they were being followed by police, both exited the car and began to run. Meanwhile, the car was still in motion. A police officer managed to jump in and turn the car off. But once inside, he found stolen mail and a number of gift cards and credit cards that were not in either Harris’ or the driver’s name.

During the most recent arrest, police searched the car. They discovered stolen mail, crystal methamphetamine, and a firearm. Upon further investigation, police discovered that the firearm was listed as stolen in 2006.

Current Arrest

Both Harris and Goldsby were booked into Multnomah County jail on numerous charges. Goldsby was charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, theft in the first degree by receiving, as well as violating his parole.

Harris was charged with mail theft, theft in the second degree by receiving, felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of methamphetamine. As of this writing, neither Harris nor Goldsby have court dates set.

If you have any information with regards to the crimes Harris and Goldsby have allegedly committed, you are asked to contact Officer Derek Carmon with the Portland Police Bureau Tactical Operation Division’s Gun Task Force at [email protected]